All praises belong to Allah (s.w.t) who enabled the Muslim Ummah to perform the numerous acts of worship recommended for the Holy Month of Ramadhan.

In this Holy month of Ramadhan, the Mission was able to reach out to Mu'minin in various parts of Kenya.

Follow our Ramadhan activities on:  http://youtu.be/5PYURzf0LHE 

b3The Mission distributed Iftar/Sehri ration to 15 Masaajid, boarding secondary schools and Shimo la Tewa Borstal prison.

The community ladies volunteered in preparation of Iftar / Sehri in the Masaajid.

This helped Mu'minin in the rural villages since most of them live far away from the mosque thus, enabling them perform their night Amaals smoothly.


Food distribution was organized for the Muslim families in rural villages and urban centres.  Each family received maize meal, wheat flour and cooking oil.    Over 3500 families benefitted from this distribution

b5Comment from beneficiary

"I am indeed grateful to Allah (s.w.t) and to the Mission for providing me with this Iftar ration. This provision will assist me and my family during this fasting period. Currently, our village is facing food challenges due to drought; therefore this ration shall inevitably be a relief to my family and will make us fast with ease." Charo Lewa, Mu'minin – Husayni Centre, Bahakanda.

Amaals of Holy Ramadhan

Special activities that were conducted apart from the daily routines at the BMMK rural villages during the Holy Month of Ramadhan.

They included; Recitation of Ramadhan Duas, brief lectures and question/answer sessions.

After Dhuhrayn prayers, Adult lessons on Fiqh Masaail were conducted for the ladies and on various topics for the men across all the 15 BMMK rural villages.

Muballighs and Muballigha from the Madrasah Amirul Mumineen, Matuga visited the centres to conduct special lectures on Fiqh Masails and various Haflas.

Two students from BMMK centres attended the 25 day Ramadhan Crash Course at WIPAHS.

The Mission for the first time organized a Qur'an competition amongst Madrasah students in all 15 centres.  All the students who participated were awarded certificates and special gifts for the best three students in each age group / category at all the centres.


Eid Celebration

Eid Gifts were distributed to the children at the Madrasah after Salatul Eid ul Fitr. Lunch was organized for Mumineen at all centres.


Radio Broadcast

This year the Mission received request from Bahari FM, Rahma Broadcasting Ltd and Pwani FM in Mombasa for free slots to air daily Ramadhan Duas, brief lectures, Tafsir ul Qur'an and LIVE Broadcast.  The lectures were aired on Wednesdays and Fridays during the month of Ramadhan.  The lectures on topical issues concerning Holy Ramadhan and fasting were delivered. Questions emanating from the audience were responded to by the speakers.  This year lady speakers were introduced who delivered informative speeches addressing ladies on Hijab, Israf and Idul Fitr celebrations.

These lectures were also broadcasted on Radio Maarifa in Tanzania.

Regular 5-part-series of Hidaya ya Ramadhan radio programs was also aired on the local radio station.

Comments received from Senior Producer – Pwani FM; Mr. Salim Chiro

"Immediately after the programmes, I received several calls from different parts of the region because of the uniqueness and well researched information. Though the program duration was forty minutes, no single listener complained about the duration of the program as the lectures were flowing well and very interesting."

Concerning the lady speakers, Salim had this to say,

"... listeners across the divide called and congratulated the speaker, after the programme went on air. I had to repeat (replay) the programs due to public demand."

Bilal Muslim of Kenya extends its gratitude to the generous donation received from Federation of The KSI Jamaats of Africa, World Federation of KSIMC and Mumineen all over the World that has made it possible for us to not only bring a smile on the faces of the most deserving, but also to continue with our ongoing practice to organize distribution of Iftar / Sehri assistance at Masjids in the Rural Centres and Coastal Centres.

For more information about our activities, visit www.kenbilal.org

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