As a part of the Economic Upliftment Project, a Live Goats Scheme has been introduced.  The purpose of this scheme is to provide women groups in rural centers with live goats for rearing and breeding.  It is aimed that each member should have a goat so that they are reared and bred to reproduce more.

This scheme kicked off in 2009 when a new page in the lives of the community women was opened.  Under this scheme members receive one goat each to rear.

By rearing and breeding goats, members benefit from the goats' milk as well as boost their family income in future by selling the surplus goats.


They have a Story to tell

eup3Name: Luvuno Nyundo

Age: 35 years

Group: Mujtaba Women Group

Centre: Miamba

A mother to 5 children, Luvuno is married and lives around Mitsaphiani in Miamba area. She joined the Mujtaba Women group from the day it was formed and is an active member. She received a female goat in 2011. She benefited from the milk it used to provide everyday for tea for her and her family. The goat gave birth to kids and she currently has 5 goats. Her goat first gave birth to two twins and then to a single goat. She has a total of 6 goats. She looks forward to having more goats in the future. She is very proud of her goats and appreciated the Mission for giving her the goat.

Presentation of such a live gift is proving to be a motivating factor for the groups to strive hard for self sustenance.  The cost of a live goat is:

Can $ 36          US $ 36            GBP 24

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