Every container becomes tightly packed with what is put in it, except for the container of knowledge, for surely it expands."  - Imam Ali (as)

As school holidays had begun, students were now returning to their homes. Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya took this opportunity to introduce the special holiday classes for two weeks to teach Islamic Religious Education to these students to gain maximum benefit during this holiday.

The classes were held from 16th April 2013 to 26th April 2013 at Samburu centre. A total of 50 students coming from different schools i.e. Mazeras Secondary School, Matuga Girls, Rasul Academy - Nairobi, Rasul Academy - Nakuru, Kwale High, Chumani secondary, Samburu Secondary, Samburu Primary and Maziyani Primary School attended the sessions.

Ust Yahya Mwangi and Ust Hassan Maina from BMMK facilitated these classes.


Topics covered during these lessons were Quran assessment, Akhlaq, Ablution, Tayammam, recitation of Iqamah, What is Islam, Usuulddiin and Furuuddin, Muqadimmat swala (things that a Muslim or a Muumin must consider before performing Swalat), Tableegh, history of Bibi Fatima (a.s), Ahkamul Mayyit and side effects of taking drugs. The students showed keen interest throughout the two week course.


An interactive question-answer session was held on the last day of the training. The students posed a lot of questions that were answered by the facilitators.


Meals were organized by the Mission during these sessions.

The Mission intends to continue such tabligh activities at all the centre's to increase the understanding of Islamic and Ahlul Bayt (a.s) teachings.

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