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Following the recent appointments of the Central Bilal Board (CBB) by the Chairman of Africa Federation, Alhaj Anwarali Dharamsi, the CBB Chairman, Alhaj Mohsin A. Lalji and the Hon. Secretary, Alhaj Inayat Alidina held their first meeting with Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania. Subsequently they visited Mombasa, Kenya from 14th to 15th December, 2012 to meet the Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya Board Members and to familiarize themselves with the Missions activities.

The Africa Federation Hon. Secretary, Alhaj Aunali Khalfan, the Hon. Treasurer, Alhaj Mohamed Hemani and the newly appointed CEO of Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania, Alhaj Mumtazhussein Alloo also accompanied the CBB delegation to Mombasa.

CBBK6On Friday, 14th December, the delegation attended majlis-e-Aza'a of the 20th of Seyyed al-Shuhada', Imam Hussain (AS) after maghribain prayers at Hydery Imambargha, the majlis was recited eloquently in English by the visiting Scholar from the UK, Sheikh Ayub Rashid followed by majlis in Urdu recited by Seyed Sarkar Abidi.

The Mombasa Jamaat Vice Chairman, Alhaj Sibtain Sadak gave a brief introduction and a welcome note to the visiting Scholar and the AFED and CBB delegation. It was heartening and touching to witness good attendance of members of our community with eagerness of Azadari being performed in Mombasa; for those people who lived in Zanzibar pre Revolution of Zanzibar in 1964, would surely love to be in Mombasa in the months of Muharram/Safar to bring back the fond memories of Azadari of Seyyed al-Shuhada' which use to take place in a similar manner in Zanzibar. May Allah (swt) accept the Azadari we perform in commemorating the great martyrdom of Imam Hussain (AS), of his family members and of his companions.

The Visit to Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya:

This was the first visit of the Chairman and the Hon. Secretary of CBB to meet with the BMMK officials and to familiarize themselves with the BMMK setup and activities in Mombasa. The CBB delegation was shown around the offices, library, bookshop, multi-media and the audio visual section and met the staff. Br. Mujtaba Peera, CEO of BMMK explained about the office Administration, Inspectorate, Tableegh activities, Training and Development of the staff and teachers (Muallims). Over the years, BMMK has put great efforts in administrative systems and management controls, this has added to the success of the Mission.

CBBK2CPD – Continuous Professional Development (Training)

With assistance from the IEB of the World Federation and from Africa Federation, Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya once again this year organized the Muballigheen training program from 10th to 21st December 2012 in Mombasa. The program is conducted by Sheikh Ayub Rashid and assisted by the BMMK administrative staff. About 70 Muballigheen, male and female from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda are taking part. A full report will be issued by BMMK in due course. The CBB delegation and AFED Office Bearers had the opportunity to meet with Sheikh Ayub and also met the participants of the CPD training program.

After a welcome address by Sheikh Ayub, the CBB Chairman, Alhaj Mohsin Lalji and BMMK Chairman, Alhaj Abbas Nasser addressed the Muballigheen. The CBB Chairman underscored the importance of learning and acquiring knowledge, in religious and secular education. He pointed out that time has come for the Muballigheen to enhance their skills and be acquainted with the current affairs in the world and the geo-political situation of the world. He emphasized on pursuing Islamic studies using the modern technology available and to reach out to the believers in remote parts of the countries they live, he further challenged them to acquire necessary skills and knowledge to be able to sustain themselves and to support their families. He asked Muballigheen to take a practical example of Sheikh Ayub, and how he developed himself to reach to this academic and religious scholastic status. He thanked Sheikh Ayub for accepting to travel to Mombasa to conduct the training, inspite of his busy schedule, he prayed for his good health, longevity of life and success in his career and in preaching the Madh'hab of Ahlulbayt (AS).




CBB Meets with Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya:

A meeting with Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya was held at the Jaffery Sports Club with the visiting CBB delegation lead by the Chairman, Alhaj Mohsin Lalji, accompanied by CBB Hon. Secretary, Alhaj Inayat Alidina. The meeting was also attended by the Hon. Secretary of AFED, Alhaj Aunali Khalfan, and the Hon. Treasurer, Alhaj Mohamed Hemani. Also present were the AFED Kenyan Trustee, Alhaj Sultan Molu and the CEO of Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania, Alhaj Mumtazhussein Alloo.

Alhaj Abbas Nasser, Chairman of BMMK welcomed the CBB delegation; he introduced the BMMK Managing Committee Members and the Trustee of BMMK, Alhaj Sultan Molu. Abbas bhai gave a brief outline of the BMMK activities and the various external Tableegh programs being undertaken by BMMK, including other services like the mobile clinic, eye camps, economic upliftment of women from the local Shia community and other social services through the BMMK 15 Centres located in different parts of Mombasa. He also explained on the long term plan to become financially self-sufficient and the plan for Lamu.

CBBK7Responding to Abbas bhai, Alhaj Mohsin Lalji expressed his deep satisfaction with the overall performance of BMMK, he was impressed with the administration, inspectorate, library, bookshop and the radio programs carried out by BMMK. He said on this first trip to BMMK, he has learned a lot and pointed out that BMMT should also learn from their counterparts, and share good practices. Mohsin bhai assured the BMMK Chairman of his support and promised to work together to further develop the Tableegh activities.

Alhaj Aunali Khalfan and Alhaj Mohamed Hemani explained on the required processes of investments in property, and they assured BMMK that AFED will work jointly with BMMK to realize this vision as mentioned by the Chairman, Alhaj Anwarali Dharamsi in his last visit that we must work toward making Bilal Muslim Missions financially self-sustaining.

CBB Chairman pointed out that a visit to Lamu is necessary, he requested BMMK to plan for the visit in March, 2013 and in the meantime BMMK will continue with the plans agreed upon.

CBBK8The Hon. Secretary, Alhaj Aunali Khalfan thanked BMMK Chairman for the warm welcome and for the wonderful hospitality accorded to them during the visit, he also thanked the AFED Kenyan Trustee, Alhaj Sultan Molu for making all the necessary arrangements in Mombasa, and for the warm welcome.




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