It is essential for us to support the less fortunate in the society as we prepare ourselves for the holy month of Ramadhan. Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya once again welcomed the holy month of Ramadhan by providing Iftar/Sehri to the most deserving Muslim brethrens.

The Mission was able to distribute Iftar/Sehri to 15 mosques and approximately 3,016 families residing in the Urban and Rural Centres benefited from it.

Food Ration was also provided to Boarding Secondary schools and Inmates of Shimo la Tewa Borstal/Prison.

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We are thankful to the World Federation of KSI Muslim Communities, the Federation of KSI Jamaats of Africa and other Institutions, donors and well wishers for the Ramadhan Relief Funds received in good time which has enabled us to organize and support our annual Ramadhan Relief programs in providing one full month of food ration for the poor and deserving families and arranging daily Iftar meals in several Mosques and Centres in the regions of Mombasa, Kenya.



Comments received from recipients:

"We are thankful to the mission for having brought us Iftar ration (food necessity). Actually, we have had crop failures for the last two seasons. So this ration will assist us, because by the end of the day we will have something to break our fast with. Thank you" Saumu Dzame Athman

"I am very grateful to have received this Iftar ration (food necessity). I appreciate the fact that somewhere in this world there are people who cares about us; the needy" Mariam Chizi Mdzomba – Vice Chairlady, Al Hujjah Community, Chengoni

Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya would like to thank all donors who have generously donated. Others can still do so and assist in providing provision for Iftar/Sehri at Mosques in the Rural Centres.

We appeal to all Mumineen to assist us in undertaking this noble project. Your generous contribution towards this Project will be in the way of Ahlul Bayt (a.s.)


"In the event of surplus funds, it will be carried forward to the next year".

For donors residence of Kenya wishing to remit funds or need further information, they may contact us at or our office. Donations within can also be sent online through our website  

For all kinds of donations from donors and well wishers outside Kenya, please contact the World Federation Relief Section on the following address:


For more information about our activities, visit us at:

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