Jamadi ul Akhar is the month when Muslims all over the world celebrate the birth anniversary of Sayyidatun an-nisa' il alamiyn, Fatimah (A.S.) the daughter of the Holy Prophet (SAWW)

Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya in conjunction with Zahra Madrasah organized a function on 19th May 2012, at the Bilal Hall to celebrate the birthdays of the two grand ladies, Bibi Fatima (AS) and Bibi Zainab (AS). The program was well attended by women from various parts of Mombasa.

The program began with a short welcome speech by Sis. Shila Moloo. Thereafter Sis Zainab Said from Madrasa Jafferiya, Mackinon Road recited Sur e Ad-dahr. This was followed by recitation of Hadhitul Kisaa by Sis Sophiyani from Zahra Madrasa, Mombasa.

Students and Teachers from BMMK Centre of Kichakamkwaju (Ahlul Kisaa), Shimoni (Ahlul Bayt), Burani (Al Mahdy), Bahakanda (Husayn), Zahra Madrasah (Mombasa) and Jaffery Academy (Mombasa) participated in this program. Qasidas on Bibi Fatema (A.S) and Bibi Zainab (A.S) and an interactive Quiz on Fiqh, Quran and personalities of these Great Ladies were conducted by Sis Ruiya and Sis Asha.


Sis Jamila Iqbal gave a lecture on Bibi Fatema (A.S) and Sis Fatma Ali talked about the life of Bibi Zainab (AS). Topics like life of our great women, dowry, marriage, divorce and hijab were discussed.


Gifts were presented to all the participants by the Chairlady of Zainabiya Society, Mombasa Sis Fatmabai Haji.


Sis Fatmabai Haji gave the closing speech and recited Qasida on Bibi Fatema (A.S). 

Sis Allidina from BMMK presented a vote of thanks. She thanked all the women who had attended the function and the participants for their hard work in making the program a success. In a short note, she spoke about the activities undertaken by Zahra Women Group.

On behalf of the Managing Committee of Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya, certificates of appreciation were presented by the Chairlady to the dedicated workers of Zahra Women Group for their contribution towards the activities of the Mission and other tableegh activities. These were awarded to Mrs Sikina bai Dhalla, Mrs Tahera bai Jaffer, Mrs Raziya bai Dewji, Mrs Shila bai Molu and Mrs Ismat bai Mawji.

At the end of the program Sura -e- Fateha was recited for all Marhumeens followed by niyaz.

Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya would like to thank all the participants and all those who attended the programme. Special thanks go to the convener, Mrs Sakinabai Dhala and her team of dedicated teachers of Zahra Madrasah who wholeheartedly worked hard to make this programme a success.

Celebration at the BMMK Rural Centres

Special functions were organized at BMMK Rural Centres to commemorate the Wiladat of Sayyidah Fatimatuz Zahra (A.S.) and Sayyidah Zaynab (A.S.).

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