On April 14, 2012, Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya organized an Annual Student Performance Evaluation Workshop for students sponsored by the Mission under the Zainabiya Child Sponsorship Scheme of the World Federation of KSIMC and various other donors at Bilal Hall, Mombasa.

Eighty-Four students from different Universities, Secondary Schools, Primary Schools and Tertiary Institutions attended this workshop.


After registration, the students went through individual assessments where the assessors evaluated their performance based on academic and religious aspects. The teachers from Az Zahra Madrasah along with the BMMK staff members conducted this session.


zcss_4The workshop began with recitation of verses from the Holy Qur'an followed by a welcome speech and introduction from Sheikh Ramadhan Ngwame and Mr. B. A. Ahmedali.

The first paper based on Islamic Morals and Etiquettes which was presented by Sheikh Sajjad Musa and Ustad Ramadhan Mlala.

zcss_5The guest speaker, Mr. Francis Tsuma – Municipal Education Officer (MEO), Mombasa presented a paper on career selection. He emphasized on the National curriculum, giving examples of careers selection and their admission requirements of the universities / tertiary institutions. He commended on the efforts taken by the Mission to educate the local people in upbringing them spiritually, morally and academically to uplift them to be effective and independent citizens contributing to the society.

 He also briefly spoke on the vices and bad influences that distracts the youth from development. The MEO requested the Mission to organize similar youth forums open to the general masses in different areas of Mombasa.

After the break for prayers and lunch, Br. B. A. Ahmedali presented the paper on target setting and examination preparation to the students. He talked about time and stress management and other important issues, related to preparations for exams.


Br. Ammar Nyawa and Sheikh Ramadhan Mlala advised the students on commitment and dedication and were asked to make the best use of the sponsorship ensuring that they continuously perform well.

Br. Ammar also talked on the current initiative taken by the Mission at some of the centres in piloting youth development activities. The students were advised to follow their religious classes and other centre activities at their residential centres during the vacation.

Education Sponsorship Role models, Zainab Umazi, Jaffery Kamanza and Jaffer Achui, who are still in pursuit of higher education, presented their experiences about the benefits they derived out of sponsorship, similarly they emphasized commitment and diligence.

Comments from participants: 

"The seminar was very beneficial. I have learnt that everything is possible through Allah (s.w.t) and working hard. I think these kinds of seminars should be organized quite often."

Leila Hassan Bilal
Form 3
Ribe Girls High School
Samburu Centre

"I would like to congratulate each and every speaker for the work well done. I have really learnt a lot. I have really been encouraged and this will make my life to change."

Riziki Hussein
Form 2
Murray Girls High School
Dembwa Centre

"We have benefited from the seminar and hope that the mission will organize another seminar next year inshaallah."

Jaffery Hamza Kamanza
Year 1 Semester 2
Diploma in Technology (Electric Power)
Mombasa Polytechnic
Chengoni – Centre.

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