Following Standard Digital News October 2016 newswire: Five counties in the Coast region of Kenya are staring at starvation as the country faces another cycle of famine-related deaths.

Kilifi, Kwale and Samburu counties have received minimal or no rains at all in the past four months. Our Centres located in these counties are also affected.

The situation is threatening 1.3 million lives in Kenya, according to the National Drought Management Authority (NDMA). Kilifi has been identified as having the severest vegetation deficit. Kinango in Kwale and Lamu West sub-counties are also in the severe vegetation deficit. “One county (Kilifi) is in the alarm drought phase, while all others are in alert or normal, with a generally worsening trend,” the authority says in its October national drought early warning bulletin.

Parts of Garissa, Lamu, Makueni, Kajiado, Narok, Marsabit, Isiolo and Samburu counties have also been hit by significant shortages of pasture and water, leading to deaths of livestock in some areas.

Read more at:  http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-02-11/kenya-declares-drought-a-national-disaster/8261970  

The Mission reciprocated to the news of severe famine and drought in eastern and coastal regions, the semi-arid regions of Kenya.  We contributed Kaffara; Fidya which was distributed in 6 x 2kg packets of maize flour to each of the families of all 15 BMMK Centres.
This distribution was done in the month of October 2016, beneficiaries received whole heartedly the food parcels but explained the severity of the conditions they still face.
Families with young ones with no source of income send their children in search of jobs pursuing child labor and stating this being the way out of starvation.

Severe starvation and persistent hunger is on the increase as there has been no harvest for 4 consecutive seasons now.
InshaAllah the Mission wishes to conduct another distribution of food parcels to our rural brethren and their affected families and hereby requests for your contribution towards this cause.


Below are some of the children whose eyes seek hope for a better tomorrow

Below herewith are some of the activities that are conducted by Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya: 

  • Spreading the Message of Islam in conformity with the teachings of Ahlulbayt (a.s.)
  • Providing temporal care to the needy in the rural areas.
  • Supporting the running of the Bilal Kenya Centres.
  • Providing assistance to the indigenous families for the pursuit of Primary and Secondary education for students who meet the criteria.
  • Training and Sponsoring Teachers to teach Islamic Religious Education Schools at the National Schools where religious education is compulsory.
  • As part of the Economic Upliftment Project, provide training to women in the rural areas on Leadership & Business Skills and Savings and Credit Schemes
  • Arranging Drought Response Programs consisting of supplies of food and water
  • Arranging Relief Programs in the affected areas during the natural and human disasters.

Your contribution will highly be appreciated.

“Whosoever helps his brother in his time of need, Allah will be there in his time of need” - Prophet Muhammad (SAWW)

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