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Documentary:  Rising Above Poverty

“The best one from amongst my Ummah is one who invites (the people) towards God, the Exalted, and makes them such that they are loved by Him.” The Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W)
On Saturday 27th June 2015 Ahlul Bayt TV aired a documentary titled “Rising Above Poverty”, this documentary showcased the work that Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya has done in propagating the Message of Islam and supporting and empowering the less fortunate people in the villages.
For those who were unable to see the documentary, below herewith is the link

We request you to take time and watch the documentary, it highlights the challenges that our Muslim brethren face and their journey to empowerment.

These accomplishments have been possible through the valuable advice and support provided by our community members and well wishers and I would like to assure them of our continued commitment in propagating the religion of Islam.

May Allah (S.W.T) reward you all for your continued support toward this cause.
Abbas H. M. Nasser
Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya
Holy Month of Ramadhan 1436 A.H. / July 2015

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