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“There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women” Koffi Annan

Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya in collaboration with Ansar Day conducted a six day seminar for the women under the Economic Upliftment Project in the rural centers. The seminar, being the fourth one since its initiation, was held in Bilal hall from 22nd February 2015 to the 26th February 2015. 

Two women from each Women Group from BMM Kenya centers and 3 women from Nakuru participated. A total number of 32 participants benefitted from this workshop.

Other activities carried out in the workshop were Bar soap making session by Sis Kauchi Chifui, how to make and use fireless cooker by Mr Aron Luganje, Yoghurt making and management of Live goats by Sis Michellene, farming as a business and Resource Mobilization under the Microfinance lecture by Sis Lorraine, Creative Cooking by Creative Cooking Committee and Islamic Religious Education lectures conducted by Sis Ruiya Salim.

Comments on exhibition:

“From what I have observed in the seminar I can say that I have gained a lot of knowledge that I didn’t have an idea about. The trainings given to us like the cooking session will help me personally in my business as I am also a cook. The session on how to make a fireless jiko is also an interesting one. Once I go back to Nakuru I will practice it and also sell them. I will also teach my fellow friends on what I have learnt. I thank Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya for teaching us so many things which can benefit us in life.”   - Saada Hussein, Participant, Nakuru
“This being the second time attending the seminar I would say that the Mission is an eye opener. Last year we had the charcoal briquetting, tie & dye, creative cooking etc and now again we had different activities like making yoghurt, making fireless jiko and making bar soap. Such activity if turned into a business eliminates poverty. After I leave the seminar I will go back and teach my group mates all that I have learnt and benefitted from in the seminar. I thank the Mission for holding such seminars every year and I hope they will continue calling us to teach us more things in the future.” – Fatuma Achia, Participant, Lamkani Women Group, Mackinon Road
The Mission records its appreciation to Ansar Day for their noble support which has made it possible for us to empower and motivate these ladies to work harder and make a good living to support their respective families.
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