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Vacancy – WF Islamic Education Head of Publications (voluntary)



Islamic Centre, Wood Lane, Stanmore, Middlesex, HA7 4LQ – UK
Tel: 0208 954 9881 | Fax: 0208 954 9034 | email: islamiceducation@world-federation.org

The World Federation

Vision Statement: The World Federation exists to achieve the pleasure of Allah SWT by developing spiritual and vibrant communities serving humanity.

Mission Statement: The World Federation enables its member institutions to promote the values and practices of the Islamic Shia Ithna Asheri Faith for the spiritual and material well being of humanity at large.

Core values of The World Federation

·         Serve with simplicity, sincerity, tenacity and patience

·         Strive for excellence in all fields especially in education

·         Enable and facilitate all community endeavours

·         Engage grassroots

·         Prevent duplication and support local efforts and innovations

·         Respect others at all times

Position: Head of Publications (voluntary)

Accountable to: Assistant Secretary General of Islamic Education

Job Purpose: To lead and coordinate The World Federation’s publications agenda in line with WF Islamic Education’s action plan for 2011-2014.

Hours: Approximately 10 hours per week, flexible.


•         To lead the WF Islamic Education Publications wing

•         To lead and coordinate a team to deliver the publications in a professional and timely manner

•         To ensure the production of a minimum of three titles per year

•         To seek cost-effective avenues to help lower costs within WF Islamic Education Publications

•         To ensure WF Islamic Education Publications are available in a variety of formats including e-readers, kindle and other digital applications and formats

•         To lead the content side of the Publications section of the Islamic Education portal, ensuring it is relevant, current, and consistent

•         To devise innovative ways of ensuring WF Islamic Education Publications reach a wide audience

•         To ensure WF Islamic Education Publications work to a successful self-sustaining model

•         To lead on re-establishing reading as a practice within the community

•         This list is not exhaustive and therefore any further work that may be a part of the editor’s duties may also be incorporated into this schedule at a later date



1. The applicant should preferably have experience of publications processes

2. The applicant should preferably understand processes within editing, proofreading, design, and printing

3. The applicant should preferably have experience of working within a voluntary community setting



Well organised, plans ahead and highlights problems in advance. Never allows a deadline to be missed.


Maintains appropriate lines of communication, keeps the team and the hierarchy informed of all important developments.


Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to deal with a number of different types of people.


Able to collaborate with others and contribute as part of a high performance team in order to achieve a common goal.


Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. Able to present a clear analysis of issues and provide recommendations to solve problems.


Able to see the ‘bigger picture’ and to realise the implications of one’s actions.

Possessing a proactive approach and attitude to one’s duties; sees tasks through to completion.


Able to understand and use technology to better achieve the aims of the team.


Sees a task through to completion, is not phased by obstacles.


Able to take responsibility for own actions, can demonstrate rationale behind decisions.


Is able to successfully lead others and inspire confidence in the team.