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The Africa Federation Solidarity Day 2015 – Collection Report



And among them are those who made a covenant with Allah, [saying] if He gives us out of His Grace, we will certainly give alms (spend in charity), and we will surely be among the righteous. (Holy Qur’an, At Tawbah – 9:75)

We wish to express our deep appreciation for the wonderful efforts made by the youth (both girls & boys) of our community from all our Jamaats in organizing several interesting events, including charity walk for fund raising. This year again, the AFED Youth Network (AYN), Conseil Regional of Madagascar (CROI), Associations of Reunion (UAKSIR) and the Constituent Jamaats in mainland Africa joined hands with great enthusiasm and dedication towards the AFED Solidarity Day Fund Raising Project.

We wish to thank most sincerely our community members from all our Jamaats in mainland Africa and in the Indian Ocean Islands of Madagascar, Reunion and Mauritius who have wholeheartedly participated in various activities organized specially for this Project.

We are also very grateful to all the donors and well wishers for their financial contributions. This annual event is dedicated to the Imam of our time, al-Mahd? al-Hujjah (a.t.f.s.) marking the auspicious occasion of his birth anniversary we celebrate in the month of Shab’an each year.

By the grace of Allah (s.w.t.) and with the support of Mumineen, this year we have collected total sum of US$ 195,098.

Following are details of collections:

These funds, as we earlier stated will be utilized by Africa Federation for the less fortunate and deserving members of our community from Member Jamaats under Africa Federation throughout the year towards education, medical expenses and other basic essential requirements.

To send your donations for the welfare and support of the less fortunate and the deserving members of our community, please contact Africa Federation Secretariat by email: secretariat@africafederation.org

May we request you all to remember the Marhumeens of the donors and well wishers of the Project and all other Marhumeens with Sura-e-Fateha.

Aunali Khalfan
Hon Secretary