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Special Prayers – Syria Crisis


Circular No: JMT/165/2012


The attached information and appeal was sent out to our community members by the World Federation in the Newswire of 25th July 2012 (5th Ramadhan, 1433 A.H.)

The widespread of violence, destruction and killings of innocent souls in several parts of Syria is shocking and saddening.

The crisis is spreading in several parts of Syria including the main city of Damascus (Sham) and the surrounding areas of Site-Zainab (sa).

We request all our Jamaats to arrange for special prayers and supplications in this holy month of Ramadhan for peace and the safety and security of the people of Syria and the people in other Muslim countries who are also undergoing a difficult period due to hostility, oppression and human rights abuses.

The World Federation is carrying out humanitarian work of delivering food and other aid to families affected by current crisis in Syria, we request all our Jamaats to support the World Federation initiatives and raise funds for this Programme.

Let us all together raise our hands in prayers and supplications to Allah (swt) in this blessed month with the Wasilah of our Aeema-e-Tahireen (as) that peace and harmony prevails in all parts of the World.



Attch: The WF Newswire latest news on the Syrian crisis.