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Qur’an Competition – September 2011


Information, Rules and Regulations for the 7thAFED QUR’AN COMPETITION – September 2011 to be held in Dar es Salaam

All Jamaats are advised to communicate the following to their participants prior to the competition.

Date & Venue:

  • The above competition will NOW be held on 24th & 25th September 2011.
  • Participants will be informed the exact timings for the competition when they arrive in Dar es Salaam.
  • Participants should be registered with the Organizing Committee by the 10th September 2011. (Kindly provide the name, date of birth and the category to which participation is sought.)

Categories and Number of Participants:

Open Qur’an Recitation for the following age groups.

    • Group 1 – 10 – 12 Years
    • Group 2 – 13 – 15 Years
    • Group 3 – 16 – 18 Years
    • Group 4 – 18 Years and above

Qur’an Hifdh

    • Group 1 – 10 – 12 Years  – Surah Mulk, Surah A’ala, Surah Dahr. (Any TWO Surah from the three)
    • Group 2 – 13 – 15 Years  – Surah Mulk, Surah A’ala, Surah Dahr   (any TWO Surahs and its Translation.)
    • Group 3 – 16 – 18 Years  – Surah Dahr and Surah Mulk. (Both Surahs and their translation) together with a written quiz.
    • Group 4 – 18 Years and above – Surah Hujurat and its Tafseer:

Ref: Commentary on Suratul Hujurat, By Sheikh Ja’fer Subhani.

The cutoff date for the age is 30th August 2011. So one has to check the age at that date.

All Jamaats will be able to propose two candidates under each category i.e. two boys and two girls.

Dress Code for Participants

    • Boys: White Khanzu and White Cap
    • Girls: Black Chadar with Scarf.

Detailed rules for participants and Judging.

Judging of the Open Qur’an Recitation/Hifdh will be based on the following.


    • Rules of Tanween and Nun Sakin, the 3 types of Idghaam, Idhaar, Iqlaab and Ikhfaa.
    • Rules of Ghunna, Qalqala and rules of Madd.


    • The correct pronunciation of all the letters.

    • Fluency in recitation
    • Rules of Raa, Laam, Tafkheem, Tarqeem, Madd.
    • Rules of Punctuations and Stopping.

Total Points/ Marks will be awarded in the following manner:

For Open Qur’an Recitation:  Tajweed 40
Makharij 40
Tarteel/Recitation/Voice 20
Total 100
For Hifdh: Tajweed 15
Makharij 15
Tarteel/Recitation/Voice 10
Memorisation 10
Translation/Quiz/Tafseer 50
Total 100

The Organizers/Judges:

  • Shall brief the participants on the above rules and the scoring system before the competition.
  • May add or alter the above rules as necessary during the competition.

Further Rules:

  1. All participants shall be given a code number to conceal their identity. This must be used at all times.
  2. The competition will take place in public where the participant shall recite in front of the judges.
  3. Qur’an shall be provided to the participants to be used during the competition. However, participants should note that the Qur’an provided will be the normal print and not the colour coded one which indicates the rules of recitation.
  4. For the open Qur’an recitation, all participants will be allocated a section from the Holy Qur’an (selected earlier by Judges) to recite for 3 – 5 minutes. Prior to this, the participants would be unaware of the section he/she will be reciting and the section chosen will be the same for all the participants of the same group. Whilst the recitation is going on, the rest of the participants who have not recited will be unable to hear the recitation of their fellow participants.
  5. There will be one round in the open Qur’an Recitation, but in case of a tie, Judges/Organizers shall set out a re-trial, as per the criteria they deem fit.
  6. For the Hifdh, participants will have to pick up 2 chits (one for each surah) of the surahs of their choice. The Judges will start of from the ayah written on the chit and the participant will have to continue from where the judge stopped until when they are asked to stop. The participants will then have to translate the part of the surah that they recited.
  7. The participants of Group No 3: will be taken in a separate area where they can attempt to the written quiz.
  8. Judges decision will be final. With no appeal. Judges will judge every aspect very critically and they will maintain impartiality.


Accommodation will be provided for all participants and one person (representing the participant’s jamaat) accompanying the participants for the duration of the competition.

The accommodation program does not provide for Parents and others accompanying the participants to the Competition. Those participants whose parents/relatives shall be coming to Dar es Salaam and require accommodation are requested to inform the Organizing Committee so that necessary reservations can be made. However, Parents will bear their own accommodation charges. Once a booking/reservation is made, the charge is payable even on non appearance. Those who need the accommodation services should inform the Organizing Committee by 20thAugust 2011.

Those participants who wish to stay elsewhere with their family should also inform the Organizing committee so that necessary adjustments can be made.


Meals will be provided to all the participants and parents/relatives accompanying the participants for the duration of the competition.


Participants wishing to be picked up from the Airport/Bus Stand should inform the Organizing Committee well in advance giving their time of arrival and Mode of Transport.

Announcement of the Winners

A presentation will be held to honour the participants and the winners of the competition where all participants will receive certificates of participation and the winners will be presented with Trophies. Hopefully the Participants will bond and network with others of similar ages from other jamaats of Africa Federation.

For more information, clarification, confirmation and registration contact the Organizing committee:

Chairperson – Sr. Razia Janmohamed  –  darprint@ctvsatcom.net

AFTAB BOARD – aftab@africafederation.org