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Obituary – Alhaj Mohamedtaki Jaffer Ibrahim passes away in Zanzibar


CIRCULAR NO: JMT/20/16                                                


Marhum Alhaj Mohamedtaki Jaffer Ibrahim – Zanzibar

The Secretariat has received with deep sorrow and grief the sad news of the death of Alhaj Mohamedtaki Jaffer Ibrahim; Marhum passed away peacefully at his home in Zanzibar in the early hours of Wednesday 31st August 2016 (27th Zilkaad 1437 AH) and was buried there the same evening.

Marhum was the Honorary Secretary of the Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri Kuwwatul Islam Jamaat of Zanzibar for over a decade. He was a dedicated person who served the Community most diligently. In the past few months, he was in regular consultation with the Africa Federation Secretariat in Dar es Salaam regarding the new Constitution of KSI Kuwwat Jamaat.

He was instrumental in drafting the new Constitution which was later presented and unanimously adopted at the General Body meeting of the Jamaat.

The passing away of Marhum Mohamedtaki Bhai is a big loss to the Jamaat, he will also be missed by the Secretariat for his commitment and promptness in responding on Secretariat matters of the Jamaat and of Africa Federation; Alas, Marhum was in communication with the AFED Secretariat Admin office just few hours before death overtook him, the conversation was in regards to the posting of a Zakir to Zanzibar Jamaat in preparation for the forthcoming month of Muharram 1438 AH.

Br. Alihassan Kassam, the Honorary Assistant Secretary of the Africa Federation attended the funeral and conveyed condolences to the bereaved family and to the President and Members of Kuwwatul Islam Jamaat, Zanzibar.

Marhum Mohamedtaki bhai is survived by his wife and son, Nasir who lives in Toronto, Canada.

Alhaj Shabir Najafi, Chairman of the Africa Federation in his message of condolences to the Zanzibar Kuwwatul Islam Jamaat wrote: –

“I have received with much sadness the news of the demise of Marhum Mohamedtaki bhai and convey on behalf of myself and my colleagues from the Federation Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri Jamaats of Africa our condolences to the family of Marhum Mohamedtaki Jaffer and the President and Office Bearers of the KSI Kuwwatul Islam Jamaat, Zanzibar on this bereavement, Marhum was a calm, knowledgeable and was a dedicated social worker who served the community for several decades, he will be missed by many”.

We pray to Allah (S.W.T.) by His Grace and Mercy to grant Marhum maghferat and rest his soul amongst the infallibles – Chaharda Masumeen (A.S.) and grant his wife and son solace and sabr to sustain this great loss.

Please let us remember Marhum in our prayers and let us recite Sura-e-Fateha to bless the departed soul.