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Nominated Councillors of the Africa Federation


Ref: JMT/140/15

The Chairman of Africa Federation, Alhaj Anwarali Dharamsi has the pleasure to appoint the following members as Nominated Councillors for the term of office ending April 2016, as per article 21(d) of the constitution.

Alhaj Saeed Ali Vazir – Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo.

Alhaj Salim Mohamed Somji – Bujumbura, Republic of Burundi.

The full list of the Nominated Councillors of the Africa Federation for the term 2013-2016 is as follows:

  1.   Alhaj Amir Somji – Arusha, Tanzania
  2.   Alhaj Shabir Virjee – Arusha, Tanzania
  3.   Alhaj Rizwan G. Peera – Arusha, Tanzania
  4.   Alhaj Mohamed Nathoo – Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  5.   Alhaj Shabbir Kermalli – Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  6.   Alhaj Zulfikar Dewji – Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  7.   Alhaj Amir Merali – Mombasa, Kenya
  8.   Alhaj Gulamabbas Khaku – Mombasa, Kenya
  9.   Alhaj Feeroz Jagani – Nairobi, Kenya
  10.  Alhaj Saeed Ali Vazir – Kinshasa, DRC
  11.  Alhaj Salim M. Somji – Bujumbura, Burundi

We welcome the two newly nominated Councillors, and wish them successful tenure in the Africa Federation and we look forward to their full participation in all the activities of the Federation.

Aunali Khalfan
Hon. Secretary – AFED