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Logo Competition for the Africa Federation Sports Council



The Africa Federation Sports Council is the sports body of the Africa Federation whose objective is:

To invigorate the community, especially the youth, and build bonds of friendship and solidarity through sports activities.

The Vision of the Current Team of the Sports Council is:

  1. Each Member Jamaat should have an active and contemporary sporting body, looking after the sporting and physical needs for the members of the Jamaat.
  2. Every sporting body of the Jamaat should have synchronised Aims and Objectives in sports and physical activities aligned to that of the Sports Council to meet up with our goals.
  3. To incorporate every head of the sporting body of the Jamaat to be a member of the Sports Council to ease closer coordination and communications.
  4. To help identify, nurture and support sporting talents in the community.
  5. To participate in all sporting activities held by the Jamaats in collaboration with the Afed Sports Council.
  6. To make the Sports Council Self Sufficient in its operations within 3 years.

The Sports Council sees a need to have an identification which will also give it recognition and make the sports body more effective. Furthermore, it will provide prominence in the visual manifestation, in communications and also in advertising mediums.

The Board is therefore launching a Competition within the Community and calling upon members to design a Logo for the Afed Sports Council.

Below are brief details which will assist participants in the Competition:

  • It is open to all male and female members of ages above 15 years.
  • The logo should reflect the sports aspects of Afed, its ideals and aspirations.
  • The logo should be accompanied with a description that elaborates on the underline make of the logo.
  • The logo should be easy to manifest upon and wearable
  • The design will be the property of the Africa Federation Sports Council.
  • Deadline for submission – Tuesday, 15th August 2017.
  • The winner of the competition will be announced by Friday, 15th September 2017 and awarded a cash gift of 250 US dollars.

Please send your entries to the Sports Council on their Email: sports@africafederation.org

Hussein Karim
Hon Secretary