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Important Historical Event in Islam – Imam Ali (AS) – 1400th Death Anniversary


his year 1440 Hijra marks the 1400th year of the Martyrdom of Amirul Moomineen Imam Ali (as), our first Imam, who was struck by a poisoned sword at the time of Fajr Salaah while in the state of sajda in the Mehrab of Masjid Kufa (Iraq) on the dawn of 19th of the holy month of Ramadhan and attained Martyrdom on the eve of 21st in the year 40 A.H.

The son of Abu Talib (the protector and nurture of the Holy Prophet of Islam [SAWW]) and Fatimah Binte Asad, the husband of Fatimah Az Zahra (AS) daughter of the Holy Prophet (SAWW), the father of the Eleven (11) Aimah (AS), starting with Al Hassan (AS) and Al Hussain (AS) to the Awaited One (ATFS); the Conqueror of Khaybar, Khandaq, Badr and Hunayn; the kind nurturer of the orphans and widows, the eloquent preacher and philosopher, a humble and submissive worshipper who trembled in the mihrab to his Lord, this personality holds a very special place and rare status amongst the Muslims worldwide as well as amongst the Shias.

On commemorating the 1400th anniversary of his Martyrdom AFED is dedicating this year 1440 A.H. to Amirul Moomineen (AS), and calling upon Shia community worldwide to organise grand events to commemorate the life and Martyrdom of this great personality.

All Jamaats and all institutions under AFED are requested to appoint special teams in charge of organizing events/programs in the community, schools, madaris as well as interfaith events to educate and propagate different aspects of the life of this great personality.

Hussein A. Karim
Hon. Secretary