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Fill My Cup Appeal | Back to School Campaign


wf1As our children head back to school after the long summer break, the start of a new academic year is often one many look forward to – it is an opportunity to meet friends, start in a new class and learn lots of new and exciting things!

We do everything that we can to ensure our children receive the highest level of education and achieve the very best that they can.

There are numerous studies that show that a good, healthy breakfast allows a child to increase concentration in class, learn more and as a result achieve better results.

And yet, the sad reality is that many children, who go to school, cannot afford a good breakfast and as a result, go to school hungry.

The ‘Fill My Cup’ appeal works with a number of schools in East Africa to provide children with a good healthy breakfast before school.  The results of this project speak for themselves!

Since the launch of the appeal in 2011, The World Federation provides a cup of porridge every day to 15 Madrassa’s and pre-primary schools in Kenya. The table below provides a brief overview of the number of students we support.


wf3Meet Mwanamisi Kuto – She is 6 years old and lives with her mum and dad. Her father is a farmer and earns KSH 18,000 which is equivalent to £132 a month to support his 10 children. Mwanahamisi’s father Hassan says, “I have benefited with this project because my children get to eat in school, even if they don’t get at home.”


wf4Meet Zahra Laila –She is 11 years old and lives with her mum and dad. Her father works as  a cleaner.  Zahra’s father Mohammed says, “This program has benefited us so much because my child gets to eat in madrasa and also do well in school.



wf5Meet Batul Hamza –She is 4 years old and lives with her mum and dad. Her father is a watchman and earns KSH 6,000 a month which is equivalent to £44 to support his 5 children. Batul’s father Hamza says, “The project feed a child has helped my child because she could not go to school or madrasa but now they go and are doing very good.”



By providing a cup of porridge to the students each morning, the “Fill My Cup” programme has:
• Seen more children enrolling in the schools and madrasahs
• Encouraged the children to arrive at school on time
• Made the children feel loved and respected

For only $3 USD-CAD / £2 GBP per month per child, you can make sure that each of these children is served a nutritious cup of porridge every morning before they begin their school day.

Since the launch of the appeal in 2011 The World Federation of KSIMC have sponsored over 3,968 students. This year, as our children get ready to go back to school, let us help those children in Africa achieve the  very best that they can.  For these children, a good breakfast really does mean a good future inshAllah.

You can donate online, by text (UK only) or by contacting your local jamaat.

To donate £2/£4/£10 text: WFED48 £2 or WFED48 £4 or WFED48 £10 TO 70070.

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To find out more please email relief@world-federation.org