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AFED Launches “Apra Wadil” Campaign



This Ramadhan, it’s time to honour the elders of our community. Africa Federation has launched an initiative to recognize and gain inspiration from the elders who have made amazing contributions to our communities.

The Apra Wadil Campaign has been launched to shine a light on these elders within our Jamaats, to appreciate their contributions and be inspired by them.

The Apra Wadil campaign encourages members of the community to submit entries of such individuals for the campaign. Africa Federation will recognize these individuals and showcase their accomplishments and contributions on our social media pages as well as the Federation Samachar.

If you know elders who have inspired you through their achievements and successes through their community, professional or personal lives, help us acknowledge them by sending in your nominations using the following steps:

Entry Guidelines

  1. Send us a photo of the individual (with their approval) along with their name and Jamaat. Applicable to individuals 45+ years of age
  2. Send us a statement (100 – 200 words) on their contributions and how they inspire you, as well as how they have made a difference within their communities.
  3. Send your nominations to marketing@africafederation.org
  4. The deadline to send in the nominations is 9th June 2018.

Note:  The aim for this campaign is to shed light on the contributions of our elders and be inspired by them by doing so – This is not a competition/there will be no winner(s)

This is a great way to present the amazing contributions of our elders in the community that have made positive contributions to society, so please do get involved!

For more information, please email us at marketing@africafederation.org

Don’t forget to check our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates and all the nominations!

Share the campaign and let’s celebrate our elders #aprawadil