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73rd Supreme Council Session – Amended Agenda




During the 72nd Supreme Council Session in April 2011 in Mombasa, Kenya, majority of the participants suggested to the Secretariat to bring in changes in the way we run the Supreme Council Sessions. At the workshop held following the SC Session in Mombasa (Sunday, 3rd April 2011), the Councillors and youths expressed their concern and urged for some changes in the way we conduct the Council Sessions. The main concern was that we spend more time in discussing issues of the past year, which adds little value to our organizational development, and is not efficient from a time-management perspective. It was stressed that we look ahead by discussing more about the future plans and actions.

The AFED Office Bearers had a discussion with the Mombasa workshop Facilitators, who were of the opinion that in order to improve the effectiveness of the Sessions of the Supreme Council, we need to move away from the usual methods of reporting to a new approach of forward-looking reporting, to bring about innovative thinking by all participants, and to enable the boards to come up with workable and action oriented plans.

In response to these concerns from the last Session’s participants, the Secretariat will be employing the following process of reporting at the 73rd Supreme Council Session:

All reports will be precirculated to the Councillors, to be read before the Session. The presentation of the boards will be forward-looking and will only include highlights from the past year, and not the entire report.

Along with this Circular, we are sending the amended Agenda of the 73rd Supreme Council Session which reflects the above.

Download: 73rd Supreme Council Session – Amended Agenda – English (PDF, 32KB)

Download: 73rd Supreme Council Session – Amended Agenda – French (PDF, 32KB) 

Aunali Khalfan

Hon Secretary