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1885 Bilal Bulletin – BMM Tanzania – Tanga Branch Muharram 1440 AH Report


Bilal Tanga carried out various activities in order to commemorate the Martyrdom of Imam Husain (a.s) . Majlis along with azaadari and Nyaaz were carried out in all 36 centres for the first 12 nights of Muharram 1440 A.H.

Majlis was also arranged for ladies during daytime. Other activities like Live Radio programmes were also conducted during the Holy month.

Bilal Tanga along with institutions such as Muassasat, Lujnah Sayyidush Shohada and others organized a peaceful procession on the day of Ashura i.e 10th Muharram 1440 A.H.( 20th of September 2018)  from Bilal  Tanga headquarters at Street No.5 via Taifa road to Muassassat (Ahlul Bayt Charitable foundation) Headquarters at  Street no.20.

The procession started at around 8:30 AM and finished at around 10AM whereby more than 2000 people took part to commemorate the great Tragedy of Kerbala.

Bilal Tanga organized Blood donation in the name of Imam Husain (A.S.) on 07thMuharram 1440 A.H. i.e. Monday, 17th of September 2018. A total of  100 donors from various institutions under Bilal Tanga, Ahlul bayt charitable foundation and other institutions took part in the event which was held at the Tanga Regional Referral Hospital- Bombo Hospital.

Bilal Tanga paid a visit to Pongwe Primary School (where there are normal and special need students like blind, albinos and others) on 6th of Muharram 1440 A.H. (16thSeptember 2018) where it provided meals to the Students.

B.M.M- Tanga also visited Elders Care Centre which is located at Mwanzange Tanga on 8th of Muharram 1440 A.H. (18th September 2018). In our visit we provided essentials like Toilet and Washing Soap and had  meals together.

Prepared by: Reporting team- Bilal Muslim Mission, Tanga Branch