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1954 Bilal Bulletin – BMM Tanzania – Tanga Branch Jamadiul Awwal 1440 AH Report


Bilal Tanga started a special program of Islamic as well as secular education for Primary School students from this year. The students were selected from different centres under Bilal Tanga according to their performance in School (i.e. Last three years results) and their Madressa performance keeping in mind their disciplinary background.

Bilal Tanga will make sure they receive the best quality Primary education at Abal Fadhl Primary School as well as Madressa education. We have started the project with 12 students this year all in Std 5 primary class whereby ten are staying at our hostel with a patron.

Bilal Tanga would like to thank the donors who have been contributing towards the School fees of these students and pray to Almighty to reward them manifolds.


Beginning of this year, Bilal Tanga welcomed back Sheikh Ammar Juma and his wife after an absence of around 6 years. Initially Sheikh had served Bilal Tanga from 2006 upto 2012.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome back Sheikh Ammar and his wife to continue serving our Hawza and the local community at large. KARIBU SANA SHEIKH.

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Prepared by Reporting Team – BMM Tanga