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1926 AFED CBG holds a Youth Development Program in Dar-es-Salaam


The Africa Federation Capacity Building Group (CBG) in collaboration with Africa Youth Network (AYN) and Khoja Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat (KSIJ) Dar es Salaam organized a Youth Self Development programme (YDP) on the weekend of 24th and 25th November 2018.

YDP aims at empowering Youth by understanding themselves better, building self-confidence, understanding emotional intelligence (E.Q.) and believing in their vital role for betterment of community, family and humanity at large.

The programme was facilitated by Br. Shabbirhussein Khalfan, Sr. Shama Dewji and assisted by developmental facilitator Sr. Sophia Bharwani.

The YDP workshop was attended by 14 youths of the community who are keenly involved in community social and religious services.

A newly introduced component of the YDP session includes providing these youths with an opportunity to not only voice the challenges they face in their community but to also come up with workable solutions and plans of action how to overcome these challenges.

The youths were encouraged to turn their unified ideas into a reality with the help of mentors and the leaders of their community.

We believe that they greatly benefited from the workshop as well as the various discussions and activities conducted over the course of two days which was conducted by experienced and dedicated facilitators.

We strongly believe that the participants will come forth to serve the community with renewed zeal and enthusiasm by keeping this learning journey on-going.

On behalf of the Capacity Building Group of AFED, we wish to extend our appreciation to KSI Jamaat of Dar Es Salaam to facilitate workshop essentially raising self-awareness and reaching out to the youths in the society.

We are grateful to DSM Jamaat for availing the venue and the amenities for the training session and handling the logistics in collaboration with AYN. We wish to record our appreciation to all the volunteers who worked tirelessly in contributing to the success of the Programme.

Alhaj Aunali Khalfan, AFED Vice Chairman commended the efforts by the CBG and AYN in organizing such programs and workshops for the youth of our community; he assured AFED’s full support. The Vice Chairman expressed his disappointment seeing poor attendance in the workshop and requested the concerned people to look into this matter seriously; he said the resources, time and efforts by all should be firstly be appreciated and therefore fully utilized with good attendance, participation and implementation of the knowledge attained into one’s day to day life.

On behalf of DSM Jamaat, the Hon. Joint Secretary, Alhaj Aliasgher Somji expressed Jamaat’s gratitude to AFED, CBG and AYN for organizing the Workshop; he also thanked the volunteers for their services whilst encouraging more publicity of such programs amongst the youth, schools and Madrassahs. He too emphasized full attendance in such workshops.


A special appreciation to all the dignitaries from Africa Federation (AFED) and DSM Jamaat who attended the presentation and closing ceremony of the YDP and joined us in honoring these participants.

We would also wish to acknowledge the Africa Federation Secretariat for their encouragement, cooperation and financial support which enables us to organize such training workshops regularly.

Finally and most importantly, we would like to convey a big THANK YOU to all the youths who took time off their busy schedules in order to participate in this two-day workshop.

CBG Secretariat