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1805 The 11th Leadership Development Programme held in Antananarivo, Madagascar


The Africa Federation Capacity Building Group in collaboration with the KSI Jamaat Antananarivo and Conseil Regional de l’Ocean Indien Islands hosted the 11thLeadership Development Program from 7th May to 10th May 2018.

The workshop conducted at the KSI Jamaat Antananarivo Imambargha was facilitated by Br. Shabbirhussein Khalfan, Sr. Shama Dewji, Sr. Mumtaz Ladak, Sr. Maria Pattinson and supported by Developmental Facilitators of AFED CBG: Br. Inayat Abbas Firdousi and Sr. Tahera Shivji.

The 4-day interactive and challenging Leadership workshop was well attended by twenty-five participants.

The program module based on Islamic Values and principles aims to develop leadership capacities across the communities in Africa by “unlocking their potential to serve the community and humanity”. This allows participants to realize their leadership styles, enhance and evolve their skills ensuring more productivity and efficient working methods.

Moreover, it enables participants to appreciate and value the differences in each other.

The workshop ended on a high note with enthusiastic testimonials from the participants highlighting what they took away from this course and how it would impact their life. The program clinched with a certification ceremony for the participants.


  • It is imperative to experience this program to flourish in one’s current life, to make the right choices, to bring that light that we sorely lack in today’s world and to realize that we all have something unique in us that the world needs to evolve.
  • A very concise and interesting program that teaches us to develop and move forward, very encouraging for those who do not have self-confidence. This program is also very beneficial for teachers of Madressa
  • I would say that everyone must participate in this program in order to know his personality and must be obligatory for all being willing to be at the head of the community.
  • A complete and intense program on understanding self and others. Intense work to help us move forward with a big step towards a serene and much clearer future
  • LDP is a great program which you have to do at least once in your lifetime because it brings lot of changes in your life.
  • LDP is rich in knowledge and technicality. The proposed tools are concrete and applicable in everyday life. The richness lies in the range of tools offered.

The AFED Capacity Building Group (CBG) wish to accord its utmost gratitude and appreciation to the Chairman of Regional Council of Madagascar, Sheikh Haniphe Akbaraly and The Chairman of Antananarivo Jamaat, Alhaj Anil Djouma and their entire team of office bearers for their time, energy and resources put in organizing, facilitating and hosting the Leadership Development Program in Antananarivo, Madagascar.

We also extend our appreciation to the Africa Federation Office Bearers for their untiring support, cooperation and guidance on the overall program.

Our heartfelt appreciation also goes to each and every participant who took time off from their busy schedules to further their personal and future development.

CBG Secretariat
May 2018